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Nextel 312 (XC-116)

XC-116 Ceramic wick

Document #1 | Technical Document

Our wick is treated at over 1,850 degrees for over 12 hours to exacting standards set forth by 3M for this product. The recommended heat treating temperature for Nextel 312 (XC-116) ceramic sleving is 1,652 degrees for 12 solid hours. We treat ours at over 1,850 degrees for over 12 hours to ensure your safety. During this process the toxins are released from the material and the fibers are bonded together. This process is absolutely necessary. Any untreated XC-116 should never be used, for ANYTHING.

We have linked (below) the technical manual for this product for your convenience for you to review it’s usage guidelines.

This is an example of what UNTREATED XC-116 will do instantly when you cut it. It is a great test to see if your XC-116 is treated or not. If it is NOT TREATED it will instantly fray and the end will unravel. DO NOT USE your XC-116 if it does this. It is NOT treated and NOT healthy to use for any purpose.

This picture was taken of a freshly cut untreated piece of XC-116 Nextel Ceramic Sleeving.

    If your
Looks like

Document #2 | Quick Data Sheet

This is what properly Kiln treated XC-116 will look like when you cut it. Notice the fibers stay woven and bonded together. It is still flexible and it may unravel very slightly at the tip but over all it will hold it’s shape even if you rub it with your fingers.

This picture was taken of a properly treated XC-116 wick which was Kiln treated at over 1,850 degrees for 12+ hours.

This is                what your
XC-116              will look
like if  it               has been
properly             treated at
or beyond          required
temp.  &            time!

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Why Buy From Us? What Makes Us Better?

►We heat treat our XC-116 ceramic sleeve to over 1,850 degrees and hold it there for over 12 hours.

►We don’t rush the heat treating process. We take our time, with YOUR health in mind!

►We treat our XC-116 EXACTLY the same way EVERY time we heat treat it so the product that you get 6 months from now will be     EXACTLY the same quality as one you may purchase today. Consistently GREAT!

►We CUSTOM CUT our XC-116 to the length that YOU ORDER! Other vendors cut 1 foot sections and fill your order by giving you     the number of sections you bought in feet. It makes it easier for the vendor because they can precut all their material, but     unfortunately you get the short end of the stick because you could lost material from each end due to fraying over time. By cutting     your order custom to the length that you order, we ensure that you get the absolute most usable sleeving possible!

►We ship FAST because we know nothing sucks more than waiting for your order to arrive. Your order will ship on the next business     day that mail is available for pickup in accordance with the USPS schedule!

►We VALUE our customers and APPRECIATE the opportunity to be your vendor of choice!

Online Store Tech Documents

This is what untreated XC-116

will look like when cut.


This is

Kiln Treated

(1850 Degrees - 12+ Hours)



in water for an hour

Good to USE!

You can boil it

Yourself if you choose

(we don’t ship it boiled)

This is

Kiln Treated

(1850 Degrees - 12+ Hours)




You can boil it

Yourself if you choose

(we don’t ship it boiled)